Maria Sirriya

Ubud Bali
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Creator and Instructor of Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™, CaliChakra™ Full Moon Parties with Live DJ's and Chakra Band, and more!

Thanks to my amazingly talented friends, we continuously build a bridge that fuses Movement & Music to bridge Eastern sacred knowledge from my studies with Enlightened Masters into modern life for individual, feminine and global you too can disassemble fears and access pure power to experience the ecstasy of freedom.

My transformational classes, private sessions, events and retreats integrate over 10 years of Yoga studies with my passion for music and dance.

My travels have taken me to India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia and Bali and more, where I studied and lived amongst two Enlightened Masters.

More recently, I am grateful to fulfill a new need in my female students, and have been focusing on sacred 2nd chakra sexual energy harnessing and yoni healing and empowering, thus I've been teaching live streaming online Tantra Yoga Classes called Feminine Power Chakra Flow™, for 2 years while studying Balinese Dance with an incredible master in Bali.

My yoga expertise rests in the Chakra-based practice of Tantra Yoga, which I learned from the three surviving original yogic texts. I has also studied at length the Mechanics of Bioenergy through Dynamic Movement, and incorporate this, along with sexual energy harnessing, into all my yoga classes.

In short, I believe that spirituality mixed with fun is a trigger for incomprehensible transformations.

My life has always been unconventional and in constant transformation. No hand-me-down life recipe has ever been good enough for me, and I won’t accept "the norm" for my students either.

You will be pushed into your truth, and have the practical tools to extrapolate and leverage them everyday, shaping your own life, your own way, the way you were meant to live it.

Look within and touch the sky….is what you'll feel and experience deeply when you are in my yogic space.

Hope to see you soon!
Oceans of Love!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I love Maria's classes, I learn so much and she stretches my capacities both physically and spiritually. Tantra yoga goes beyond the postures and takes you into a new dimension of experience. Maria's expert guidance comes from experience and I appreciate truth and honesty. I can't go back to regular yoga classes after tantra has entered my life.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Maria is truly devoted to her teaching, and passionate about sharing with others. She offers a fun, relaxed environment that allows us to explore the possibilities of Tantra. She is love!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Maria is such a fabulous and genuine Tantra Yoga teacher. In just a few classes with her, every day now I am applying what she has taught me, about Tantra and universal energy movement/connection through the body, and I am elevating my body and spirit to where it is I am aspiring to be. dedicated, committed and focused to practicing and feeling great!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Powerful, elegant, mystical and loving..all in one! That's Maria

When Maria was living in San Diego, I started taking her Tantra Yoga classes and immediately fell in love with her devotion to teaching the beautiful art and lifestyle of the practice. She first busted the myth about Tantra, it's not about sex, but rather empowering your sexuality through activating your Chakras.


Her classes were packed from right in front of the mirror to the back window frames with men and women who came to ignite their confidence, creativity, and overall love for themselves. I signed up for her online classes next and followed along as often as possible. I've been practicing and living Yoga since I was have experienced several classes, styles, instructors and venues. Maria is one of the few instructors I've met who truly get's it and incorporates all aspects of Yoga - breath, meditation, movement, right living and love for life. Thank You Maria & Namaste! Anna Naturalista