Maria Uribe

Sydney NSW

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I am Maria Uribe. I have always been a dreamer and a searcher. Exploring new places have been my favourite way to find myself. I used to live (what people call) a normal life; routine, office job, etc. One day I felt I wasn’t being true to myself, to my dreams and my heart. I decided to quit my job and trust the universe. After a few months, I ended up having one of the most inspiring trips in my life … Amazing Bali! Love. Music. Beach. Chasing the sun. Yoga. Meditation. Found myself facing my fears and opening my heart to whatever life had for me. A part of my soul started shining and this became the beginning of an amazing journey.

My heart became my guide and recently it guided me to Magic India, where I connected to my soul; to a deeper place in me. Found inspiration in the streets, in people’s way of living, in my spiritual guides, my yoga teachers, in the Ganges and the Himalayas. While I was doing my Yoga Teacher Training Course, I realised my purpose in life: to inspire people to follow their heart and believe in themselves, to trust the universe and flow in life, to have the courage to find themselves and let their soul shine.

My objective as a Yoga Instructor is to create a safe environment for students to experience the benefits of a balanced Yoga practice. I aim to touch students at every level -– physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual; leading them towards a deeper connection with themselves, a healthy lifestyle and mental peace.

Styles of Yoga I teach.
-Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yan Yoga, Yin Yoga.

My Experience:

• April 2014 - Present
Yogala (Yoga Studio) – Maroubra, NSW
A weekly Yoga Session (Vinyasa Flow), Covering Classes (Hatha Vinyasa, Hatha beginners, Yan – Yin Yoga)

• March 2014 - Present
Ledgends GYM – Kensignton, NSW
A weekly Yoga Session (Vinyasa Flow)

• February 2014 - Present
Outdoor Yoga Classes – Maroubra, Malabar, Coogee
Weekly Yoga sessions at the Park with a different focus in every class. Giving students an accessible practice and a different experience connecting to nature. Classes include pranayama and meditation.

• March 2014 – Present
One-on One Lessons – Eastern Suburbs, NSW
Offer Private Sessions. Vinyasa Flow and restorative Yoga lessons to individuals wanting to deepen their practice or are new to Yoga and want to learn how to practice in a safe way, build strength and increase flexibility.