Marie Powers

Branson, MO
United States

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In 2007 I entered a "forever" weight loss journey. At the prodding of my trainer, I added yoga classes into my program. Although they were tough and I didn't particulary like yoga while I was doing it, I couldn't deny the wonderful benefits happening body, mind, and spirit so I was hooked. And what I saw in the gym and yoga classes is that the people who desparately needed it either didn't come or fell away quickly after making a start. I have a passion for those with limitations or "perceived" limitations. The practice of yoga has so many facets to it that EVERY BODY can do it. But EVERY BODY does not fit into the usual yoga class. Depending on the setting, some of my classes are athletic, some more of a gentle journey type, some geared to strength, but each one will include EVERY BODY by customizing for each one in the class. I also do Christian yoga classes, doing wonderful flows to Christian worship music, personal yoga sessions, and will soon be starting online personal yoga trainings.


No reviews yet

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