Marie Volovsek

East Lansing, MI
United States

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Marie, a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor, has been studying and practicing Iyengar yoga since 1998. She has been teaching yoga since 2005, with her most recent classes being taught in East Lansing, MI. She continues to study with senior level certified Iyengar instructors - primarily from Michigan.

Marie admires Mr. Iyengar and his daughter, Geeta, for their profound and thorough approach to communicating their pedagogy as well as the philosophy set forth by Pantajali in his Yoga Sutras. The complexity and depth is simplified to bring the path of yoga to all who are willing to put forth the effort. Yoga is a path…and as walking on a path, one must keep moving forward to see what lies ahead.

Marie has over 20 years experience teaching movement – including social dance, university level physical education courses – both general education as well as for physical education majors, elementary physical education, and fitness classes. It is her love of movement and fitness that brought her to yoga…but it is the beauty, complexity, depth, and clarity of Iyengar yoga that has brought her to practicing, exploring, and eventually teaching yoga.

Yoga is splendid…and Marie strives in her teaching to convey it’s splendor to you.


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