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In my Yoga Centre in Dreumel in the Meadows of the rivers Maas and Waal you can find all about Yoga, Meditation and Awareness.

Yoga is for Body, Mind and Soul & to live from your heart!

I can help people to experience their life more fully by becoming more aware and free of the mind by moving the body on the breath in a flow of movements.

* In workshops I help you to find deepening, opening up and experiencing the unity and interconnectedness of all. Nature and Silence excellerate this process.
* In yoga classes you can connect with this regularly, helping yourselves to come home to your inner peace, helping your body to become more flexible and strong and creating more awareness.
* In Ayurvedische Massages my hands help your body to become more healthy, feel the flow of life energy and by the touch connect within yourselves.

My wish:
Since 2006 I am practicing Yoga and it changed my life and is still influencing it. My travelling to India for 5 months alone really brought a foundation for my teaching.
My wish is by creating awareness through yoga to touch the lives of people and they can touch the people around them to make a more loving, conscious world.

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