Marietta Bucalo

Cincinnati, OH
United States

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Marietta began her practice of yoga in 2003, immediately finding an incredible peace within her heart, strength in her physical body, and flexibility head to toe. Her once a week Ashtanga Class, kept her motivated week to week. She found added enthusiasm toward her day job. Allowing her great creativity and motivation which was contagous to her 5th Grade Elementary Students. After a couple months of taking Ashtanga Yoga once a week, she began going two to three times per week. She was astounded by the strength she gained within one week of three practices. It was immediate.

Before Marietta started her practice she had neck, back and knee issues. She had been in a car accident in 1992, where there was no damage to her car, but she acquired a migraine headache for 2 years, 24/7. It tapered down to 4 days per week for 8 years. At the beginning of her practice she was going to the Chiropractor 2 to 3 days per week, just to survive. Frightened, she was very gentle on what she would attempt, as far as any postures which focused on the neck, back, or knees, easing her way into a practice which has changed her life. Marietta is no longer a frequent patient at her Chiropractor. She believes that her Chiropractor is fantastic, and that all the yoga postures mimic the advised back and neck exercises he would prescribe.

In 2005, Marietta decided she wanted to deepen her practice and gain the credentials to teach Ashtanga Yoga, sharing her knowledge of a practice that brought balance to her life. She studied at "It's Yoga", Cincinnati, Ohio, through Amber, Indu, and Mike. After every 22 hour Yoga Teacher Training Weekend, she would observe her students absorption, into her positive energy, which flowed rapidly through out the day, the week, and the year.

After earning her Certification to teach Yoga, Marietta began sharing her gift with teachers and community members in her school district. Offering Pranayama Classes(Focusing on Breathing Techniques) , Instructional Beginners Ashtanga Yoga(Teaching an understanding of individual modifications to allow for a safe practice), Gentle Beginners Ashtanga Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga Level I, Rocket, Yoga Therapy Sequences for the Back, Neck, and Hips, and developed themed children's yoga classes.

In 2009, Marietta changed positions in her school district, from Math and Language Arts to Health Educator. Now she is able to share the positive aspects of Yoga with almost 300 Middle and High school students each year. Students learn about being mindful of their body, listening to signals their body gives them, creating boundaries. Learning about anatomy and physiology, correlating beneficial nutrition and movement, for each body system. Focusing on different muscles, learning how to engage and lengthen them safely. Building strength, flexibility, and endurance. Using the breath to focus on heating and relaxing muscles and joints. Creating a confidence of the mental mind, releasing stress, being in the moment.

Marietta traveled to Heaven on Earth Yoga Institute of Yoga Therapy to study with Karen Claffey, gaining another 300 hours of training, receiving an upgraded certificate from the Yoga Alliance, E-RYT 500(Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Therapist with 500 hours of Training)

Licenses, Certifications, Memberships:

Certified Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist, E-RYT 500

Member of the Yoga Alliance

Member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists

Ohio Elementary Education Professional License(1 thru 8 grade)

Ohio Physical Education Professional License(k thru 12 grade)

Ohio Health Education Professional License(7 thru 12 grade)

Bachelor of Science in Education

- University of Cincinnati

Degree in Physical Education Kindergarten thru 12th Grade

Degree in Health Education 7th thru 12th Grade

Masters in Reading Education

- College of Mount St. Joseph

Kindergarten thru 3rd Grade Primary Education Certification

1st thru 8th Grade Elementary Education Certification

Reading Specialist - Kindergarten thru 12th Grade
Heaven on Earth Yoga Therapy Institute
Level 1 300hr Yoga Therapy Training July-February 2015
Safety Village Teacher - Oak Hills Community Ed
Kindergarten Aide 1987-1989
Kindergarten Teacher 1993-1995,
Sixth Grade Language Arts Teacher 1995-1996
Fifth Grade Language Arts & Math Teacher 1996-2009
Fifth, Six, Seventh, Eighth Grade Health Teacher 2009-2013
Seventh thru Twelth Grade Health Teacher 2013 - Present
Yoga Instructor 2005-Present
Yoga Therapist 2015-Present

Love to Teach!!! :-)

E-RYT 500


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