Marija Pete

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Life, spirituality, connectedness, mysticism, shamanism, nature, art, dance, free inteligent movement, body language, singing, silence, .. were and are my main inspiration and reason to exist on this planet. Exploring, enjoying and sharing simplicity of this magical existance is a great gift from God, to who I completely bow.
Finding this great love and vastness in your own heart is deffinatelly something that each human being should experience. This is my prayer.

Info ••• After finishing basic ballet school, I continued the practice of hatha yoga until I met my first beloved teacher of inteligent body movement, who helped me to discover new world of energies, inner geometry, moving with awareness and simplicity. During this time I studied about nutrition, macrobiotics, 5 elements, organic growing and preparation of balanced meals.
Naturaly, over years, through the intense and regular sadhana, all this aspecst were constantly deepening and brought a wider perspective on life & stronger connection with the essence of being. Also naturaly, when you find this power in your heart ~ it must be shared, cause we're all made from the same essence. Everyone has the seed in the heart, we just need to allow it to sprout, grow and blossom.

Last couple years, my actions were mainly focused on hatha yoga practice, gardening, natural food (working as a nutrition consult), photography (nature, eyes, traveling photography, food, natural light, arhitecture, etc), thai yoga massage, dancing and traveling. I worked in many vegetarian restaurants and keterings, where I had a chance to discover divercity of creation, by preparing delicious raw, vegan and vegetarian meals.
With a great love and gratitude, at the moment I`m discovering the magic of motherhood, which brought a new perspective on yoga practice and joy of life <3

Being an artist is a big privilege and I consecrate it all to the limitless One. Life is Art. Art is Life. Oneness*

I dedicate all my actions to the most beloved Guruji, Mooji Baba, who openly, persistently and compassionatly support the blossoming of this Heart <3



Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

19 Reviews

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