Marina Bourantonis

Bradenton, FL
United States

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Thavma Yoga is built around Marina Bourantonis, a Bikram yoga instructor, who finished top in her training. Her determination and perseverance is uncanny, and plans to run Thavma Yoga with the same tenacity. Her knowledge and past credentials include working for one of the most renowned Event Coordinators In Greece. She was Responsible for the staff employed, the creating and promoting of events, and the maintenance of a favorable relationship between the Coordinators, the public, and the celebrities that would come for the event. Marina worked as a Fashion stylist, co-coordinating the clothes, jewelry, and accessories used in fashion photography in major fashion magazines in Europe. She also worked with individual celebrity and high society clientele in Europe, creating their wardrobe and styling them for events. Her practice and passion of Yoga began at the age of 15, learning all styles of Hatha Yoga,with main focus Iyengar Yoga , and traveled all over the world to be taught by different mentors. She also has years of experience in Pilates. Having a degenerative arthritic cervical spine left her with debilitating problems causing her years of pain. A friend recommended to her to try Bikram Yoga before resorting to invasive surgery in 2007 . The moment she did Yoga in a Hot room she knew it was something she had to pursue as a teacher to be able to heal others the ways she was healed. All together as an artist and designer, her keen sense of aesthetics and knowledge of the human body and her ability to relate to all people with all body issues will be one of the key components that will make you want to come back to Thavma Bikram Yoga Studio again and again.


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