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My path of yogic studies began in 1982 after reading "Autobiography of a Yogi" and life was never the same again. In 1989, I found my spiritual teacher, and commenced upon a journey deep into meditation practices and esoteric understanding. My first hatha (Ashtanga) yoga teacher certification was in 1998 at The Yoga Studio in Calgary, Canada. I then studied with the IYTA (Australia) teacher training and completed their comprehensive 2 year training in 2001 while attending classes with senior Yoga teachers Kathy Nash, Liam Perdue, Val Petrich. I continued to upskill with many senior teachers around the world and in 2017 qualified as a senior yoga teacher. In 2014 I completed the 1.5 year IYTA (Australia) Post graduate Prenatal/ Postnatal Yoga teacher training. I teach Yoga for the Western mind. See websites for more information. or


Average: 4.7 of 5 stars

18 Reviews

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Terrific massage and advice

I was badly in need of a massage and direction with better life style choices to support my health. Marina provided a restorative massage, helped free the muscle tension and provided lots of advice to help me maintain better health. I'm looking forward to starting the yoga sessions soon and having another brilliant massage!! Thanks Marina!!

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Great Experience

I am so greatful to finally find a Yoga teacher like Marina, at my age I need to feel comfortable and confident, Marina is there for each and every one of us at whatever level we are at. I have found the right person to help me on my journey, Thank you Marina and Treatme for at last giving me the opportunity to finally find what I need for my wellbeing.

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Great Experience

I went to a yoga retreat that Marina ran which was hugely enjoyable, It was my first yoga class and I enjoyed the fact that she catered for all yogies there including beginners.
I also had a massage with Marina and would highly recommend her. The benefits received through the massage was great; this included being able to move more freely and have an improved degree of flexibility.
I would not hesitate to recommend Marina.

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Enjoyable and safe

Marina is a very experienced teacher and creates a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Simply wonderful

Huge thanks to Marina and her amazing ability to teach all types of yoga, I first went along to a prenatal pregnancy yoga and loved it, then recently went to a mums and bubs yoga/massage class. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise , guidance and care is awesome. Highly recommend any of her classes!!

Marina LockeMarch 17, 2018
hi Anna

hi Anna,
Rebecca from your first prenatal yoga class is coming to the 6:45pm Wednesday class now. I remember how supportive you both were in that wee prenatal class and had to let you know. Hope you are keeping well. Many Blessings, Marina

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'Power Vinyasa'

I loved it and look forward to next week.

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Prenatal Yoga

I'm so glad I decided to do prenatal yoga in Rangiora with Marina, she was a wonderful instructor with such a wealth of invaluable information about not only yoga poses but also breathing exercises and massage techniques to help with pregnancy related pains as well as during labour. Her classes were an amazing experience and many of us who attended her classes together have remained good friends, would highly recommend her to anyone.

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Hello Marina,

We had a little boy on the 30th August. The birth went extremely well and I owe it to you really. Your classes and breathing exercises made my birth a breeze. Much to my surprise I did it all naturally and even found standing up during delivery more comfortable than lying. Your pregnancy classes were truly a major contributor and would highly recommend them to everyone.

Thank you

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Pre & post natal yoga

My prenatal yoga classes with Marina were one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy, I owe a lot to Marina.
I was introduced to Marina's prenatal class in my 4th month of pregnancy.


This was the beginning of me "figuring out" my journey and how I wished to experience my birth, options available to me, different authors of reference in regards to pregnancy and birth, and finally the knowledge and confidence in myself mentally and my body physically to birth naturally and begin to enjoy the whole process of baby making and delivering.
Before any of these lessons I had been rundown with "horrific" morning sickness, I was overcome by the power of it and was I prettified that this tiny being inside me could have such an effect, this in turn made me "switch off" and not want to be part of the pregnancy/birth process, it was too overwhelming.
During my weekly 1hr class I had a chance to recharge, regroup and get back on track, both in my mind and body.
Postnataly my beautiful daughter Bronte and I have attended a joint yoga class for mums and babies - what a treat, We enjoyed it so much. I'm not sure if you know what an impact you're classes have Marina, please keep doing what your doing.
Many thanks, Aimee & Bronte

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pregnancy/baby yoga Rangiora

I joined Marina in Rangiora for classes from when I was six months pregnant. What a great experience! I learnt a lot about my body and Marina was fantastic at giving yoga positions that suited everyone in the class. I always felt comfortable with her and able to ask questions. I did a mums and bubs session with Marina and had a wonderful time. All the babies loved being a part of it all and most slept so soundly after the experience .This will be missed! Overall a fantastic teacher with great information and a wealth of knowledge. Thank you!

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Prenatal yoga teacher training

I most value the knowledge and experience you bring to your craft Marina. Your passion for women and pregnancy is obvious and I felt it was a privilege to be exposed to your wisdom. I am coming away from the course with some new authors to investigate like Janet Balaskas! The workshop really fed my desire to provide holistic midwifery to the women in my care and I feel I am leaving with just a couple more tools in order to do so.

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Great yoga teacher in Rangiora

I have been attending Marina's power yoga classes for month now. Absolutely love the class and after having done many styles of yoga over the years I find this class the best. Great for fitness and toning.
Marina really knows her stuff and takes special care in making sure you are doing the poses correctly. She is also a great masseuse.

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Balanced for all

Marina seems to often hit the spot for me without her even knowing (or perhaps she does ?) a well balanced teacher for all ages, who is warm and welcoming

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Very enjoyable, safe yoga. Experienced instructor very careful to keep you safe and teach you to do the same. Great sense of humour and positivity. 5 stars!

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Support for a beginner

I have never done yoga before, and Marina has been patient and supportive, showing and explaining how to change positions and postures to get the most out of the positions and also telling me when to ease off if I'm trying to do too much too soon.

Marina LockeSeptember 17, 2015
How has nearly a year of Yoga changed you?

Hi Kitty,
Now that you have practiced for nearly a year, what changes have you noticed?

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Small group and individual needs are met with safety, challenge so that you know that what you do and can do will be OK. Having done yoga for many years over time, I find that Marina provides an excellent balance and understanding of the body along with the needs of the physical and spiritual. Explanations and demonstrations are equally provided and any questions answered respectfully. Like your classes and the boutique groups are great weekday mornings.

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Yoga Class - Rangiora Hospital

Thanks Marina for a great class last night in Rangiora. Good having the slightly longer class time this term. Focused on core and breathing. Nice long savassana.
Regards, chris.

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good yoga

Marina knows the body and how to work with any diffuculties too. She will let you work, but on your own pace. She takes small groups so you have one on one expierence. She has classes for all ages. It is a pleasure to have her as my yogateacher.