Marina Madhumiita'

Madeira Island - Funchal

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I was born in Brazil, and began as a yoga practitioner in 1996. In 1997 I completed my first yoga course. I lived at Ananda Marga Ashram with Indian nuns for about 4 such experience has greatly enriched my knowledge about since then I give yoga classes based on Rajadhiraja tradition. In 2011 I moved to Madeira, a lovely island located in the Atlantic Sea - Portugal, where I give private yoga classes. As I love to travel, I had visited over 14 countries where I had the opportunity to live with many yoga practitioners from all over the world learning a bit of many Yoga but rajadhiraja was my choice and the method I am grateful and happy to pass on! :) I am a curious Yoga student and love to teach/share with people what I´ve learned with Yoga Philosophy and its practices in the past it has been a beautiful journey!! Nasmaskar