Marina Smith

Washington, DC
United States

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Introduced to yoga on a television show in the 70s, Marina's interest in yoga was sparked but not fully rekindled until 2001 when she became captivated by yoga through self-practice guided by David Swenson’s Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual. Soon thereafter she studied Bikram yoga with Marlon McGann and more recently Iyengar yoga with Terence Ollivierra & John Schumacher, and Ashtanga yoga with Rexx Samuell. Having the desire to deepen her practice and understand more about this thing called ‘yoga’, she graduated from the Winter/Spring 2014 200-hour Buddha B Yoga Center teacher training in Washington, DC and is thankful to have had such wonderful instruction by Rexx Samuell, Valerie Grange, and Hari-kirtana das. She is grateful to her other inspiring teachers: Kristen Krash, Antonella Accinelli, and Peg Mulqueen. Marina hopes to share with others the joy that yoga has brought to her life.


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