Marina Trisic


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Marina Trisic is a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher from Iyengar Institute in Amsterdam and certified Somatic Movement Coach from ISMS in Amsterdam. She holds advanced certification with Donna Farhi Yoga training from New Zeeland.
Activly teaching since 2008, she has founded "In Stillness & Flow" private practice in Arnhem where she leads group classes, workshops and personalized yoga-somatic programs. Her background in bodywork, somatic movement and various dance and movement disciplines has influenced her understanding and teaching of yoga. In her teaching she focuses on understanding postural, movement habits and physical tension creating more efficient patterns for movement, posture and breath.


Balanced posture, integrated movement with a sense of ease and strength in the body are the guiding principles in Marina’s teaching. Her classes integrate active, mindful movement and the more receptive practices of breathing and relaxation, providing nourishment for physical, emotional and energetic well-being. Marina teaches weekly classes, workshops and one-on-one lessons at "In Stillness & Flow" her private practice in Arnhem, Nederlands.


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