Marisa Navarro

La Unión Region of Murcia

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Marisa studied BA(Hons) Travel Management with Hospitality in Leeds Metropolitan University and lived and worked in London for several years. She has worked in the Tourism industry in the UK and in Spain and as an assistant to management in international businesses. She has been always very interested in healthy life and natural therapies. First time she came across yoga she was 22 years old and since then it has been on and off in her life. In 2010, she carried out major changes in her life and she delved into yoga as a life transforming tool. This fact would lead her to discover her passion about teaching yoga and becoming a yoga teacher.
Currently, she is a Kundalini yoga teacher certified by AEKY (Spanish Association of Kundalini Yoga). She undertook her yoga teacher training course in 2012 and she has been teaching Kundalini yoga in several centres since then. In 2013 she travelled to India in a Yatra, pilgrimage and spiritual journey where she completed a Hatha Yoga teacher training course in the prestigious school of yoga worldwide Sivananda yoga Vidya Peetham.
Nowadays, Marisa enjoys her life teaching yoga and trying to help others through the understanding of this old, sacred science. She is also interested in holistic medicine thus, she is currently studying ayurveda and other therapies at the Devacharya institute in Murcia. She is a very positive person, dynamic, enthusiastic and engaged in new projects and dreams. She loves dancing, music, singing kirtan, reading a good book and above all sharing her time with people and contributing towards the building of a better community. Namasté!


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