Marisol Fajardo


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At the age of 10, Marisol left her parents in order to live with her first spiritual guide. Until she turned 17 she remained under that guidance who helped her to remember her divine connection. It was during this time that she learned about BhaktiYoga, the loving and devotional relationship with the supreme. Her first Vipassana retreat took place in 2000 unveiling a new sensitivity and embodied understanding of the mind-matter relationship. She followed various courses in order to deepen her practice and better serve her students. 2009 ---- RYT 200H. 2010, Studies with a dear friend, Yogacharya Tonmoy Shome, India, and learned to integrate healing mantras and yogatherapy guidelines. 2014 ---- RYT 300H. During her stay in India and Nepal in, seeking more teachings to cultivate growth both in asana and meditation, she followed Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, Southern India. 2015 ---- RYT 300H. SYI, studying Vinyasa flow style, co-creativeness and shamanic retreat. At the moment: Studying Iyengar Yoga. Wanting to broaden her influence sphere, she studied Munayki healing energy and Reiki which she practices whenever someone needs help. She also Made a one-year distance course in natural medecine in a peruvian university. Marisol believes in mother nature and its benefits and has thorough knowledge about the medeci She offers. Her enthusiasm leads her to believe that everyone can be mentally and physically healthy. Marisol sees yoga as therapy for the soul and body. Stones in the chakras and natural essential oils are also part of her tool