Marissa Soto

Arlington, TX
United States

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I began my yoga journey as a means to heal myself at an emotional and mental level. I lost my father at the age of 22 and that had a profound impact on me. I dealt with my grief/problems with alcohol and party drugs which never truly benefited my growth.
After my first yoga class, I began to notice the subtle changes in my state of well-being. I went back because I loved the way I felt. From that point, I slowly devoted more and more of my time to the practice and study of yoga. From there, I have learned the benefits of a daily practice that affect your overall quality of life. Yoga is my physical, mental, and emotional therapy. Dharma Mittra, the yogi guru whom I studied with, stated that the greatest gift you can give is spiritual knowledge. My goal is to provide the instruction of yoga so that everyone can appreciate this contentment and happiness in his/her life.

From my own experiences as a student, to my experiences as an instructor, I love the eternal practice of yoga. It is not a means to an end, but something that benefits you

I teach not only physical practice, but meditation and pranayama (breathwork) as well.

I am currently an instructor at UTA (MAC Group Ex classes) as well as the Arlington Yoga Center.


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