Mariya Shiyko

Cambridge, MA
United States

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Yoga has been one of the transformational forces in my life journey. I came to yoga after moving to the US more than a decade ago and after a serious knee injury. From a physical practice of stress relief and exercise, it motivated me to start integrating “on-the-mat” self-discoveries into my life and pursue a serious meditation practice. My current formal practice involves daily seated meditation, movement (, asana or improvised dancing), and self-inquiry. The desire to teach comes from witnessing how awareness of body and mind promotes more relaxed and fulfilling relationships with Self (or No Self) and the World around. While life challenges remain, personal ability to cope and flourish grow.

Over the years, I have trained with a number of yoga and meditation teachers in the US and internationally and received 200 and 500 hour certifications in the style of yoga called Lila Yoga that combines a mindful asana flow with breath and awareness. My academic training and research in health psychology and mindfulness cultivate the scientific understanding of the mind-body connection, and help to connect modern sciences with the ancient studies of yoga. Many friends have been an inspiration and support on my life journey, and life itself presents more than enough material to learn from.

In my teaching, I am a facilitator of students’ own self-discovery. The style of yoga that I teach is an integration of movement, breath, and awareness with opportunities to connect with yourself in a moment, cultivate acceptance and loving kindness, and laugh about learned mental and physical patterns and reactions.


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