Mark Balfe-Taylor

Las vegas, NV
United States

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I'm an E RYT-500 teacher/trainer who specializes in contemporary hot yoga teacher trainings. I am the creator of the hot yoga series mentioned in the Yoga Journal, #Revitalize. I am the National Yoga Director for Yoga and Trainings at TruFusion.

I am trained in Bikram, Moksha, Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa,
Doug Swenson's Sadhana Yoga Chi, Jennifer Wolfe's Pre-Natal Pregnancy series, Paulie Zink's Yin and also Yin with Addie De Hilster.

My Bio:
Recently mentioned in Yoga Journal's Yoga Buzz blog for his new hot yoga sequence, Revitalize, Mark began his hot yoga journey in 2004 when he took his first Bikram yoga class. Discovering a passion, he completed the fall 2005 Bikram certification and immediately began teaching for Jim Kallet, the creator of Bikram's dialogue, at his Old Town studio in San Diego, California. It was here that Mark was taught the nuances of hot yoga dialogue. Next, he stopped for a few months at Brad Coldwell's Vancouver studio before teaching and eventually managing three Bikram studios in South Korea. During this time he also developed the Korean competitors for the annual World Yoga Championships and was chosen to teach at the Hong Kong studio. In 2008, he moved to Las Vegas and joined Bikram Yoga Southwest, whose owner decided to begin offering a wide variety of classes soon after Mark's arrival. The transition out of Bikram Yoga allowed Mark to expand his knowledge and he has since completed Moksha Yoga, Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa, Doug Swenson's Sadhana Yoga Chi, and Jennifer Wolfe's Pre-Natal Pregnancy trainings. He now runs teacher trainings at Trufusion that now use Revitalize as their signature series and has coached the 2012 Nevada Regional Yoga Champion, Sara Larimore and the 2013 Nevada Regional Champion, Jennifer Angel. Mark's teaching and teacher trainings are a culmination of these experiences and he is grateful to share his British bulldog determination, energy, dialogue and knowledge with his students every day.
Since writing the original bio I have become the National Director for Yoga and Trainings a Trufusion and we have successfully franchised to a number of locations countrywide. We are always looking for talent and if we don't find talent, we develop our own.


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