Mark Dowe


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I was always a mover, so my first three year education to become a Fitness-Instructor felt quite as I'm a "cheerleader" by nature!
Quickly along the way, I fell in love with dance and spend 15 blissfull years doing exactly that! Dance led me to yoga, and after realizing the power & benefits of a Yogic practice I switched careers and became a full-time Yoga teacher.
I love the combination of physicality, music and philosophy and the help & knowledge it provided me, to live my life with (a little bit) more ease. It's all a work in progress!
For me, the secret is love and the key is laughter, as we should take the practice serious, but not ourselfes while practicing!!! I do my best to make all my students laugh. And reach a little further.

My classes and workshops are known for a dynamic and challenging Hatha Yoga Flow, which I teach with great energy and humour. I playfully incorporate mindfulness & philosophy into my classes, as I understand that it should be a joyous occupation, even in the difficult moments. Through my clear instructions, my classes are accessible to everyone.
My teaching is both traditional and innovative, so that my personal mantra shines through again and again: "Take the practice seriously, but do not take yourself so seriously while practicing!"
The unique blend that integrates the knowledge of physical yoga with additional attention to chanting, music, mediation, and philosophical aspects continues to inspire me.

I also have also been a ( recurring ) guest teacher at the
- "Yoga Festival Terschelling" 2017 & 2018;
- “International Day of Yoga” 2018, Amsterdam,
(opened by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar);
- Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2018, ”Yoga Garden”, Amsterdam;
- Workshop for Yoga Teachers 2018, “Movements Yoga", Amsterdam;
- Yoga happenings like "Stadswild Secret Yoga Club" &
"Deephouse Yoga Amsterdam”;
- Company Yoga for ”H&M”,”Victor & Rolf";
“Babette Labeij Music Academy”
- professional educations at the "Royal Dance Conservatory", The Hague; - "Codarts Academy of Music and Dance", Rotterdam;
- "Amsterdam University of the Arts";
- “Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam" (for the annual contemporary dance festival “JULIDANS”).

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