Mark Needham

United Kingdom

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My first yoga experience was an Ashtanga beginner class - I was looking for some relief from back, neck and joint pain. Having explored, over a decade, physio, surgery and Pilates in an effort to avoid continuous pain while mountain biking and running I was hugely relieved to find yoga was a welcome doorway to a world of holistic healing. Instantly hooked, I soon established a regular daily practice and began studying to deepen my knowledge. I completed teacher training with John Scott in 2014 and have been teaching ever since.

My classes will be dynamic and challenging – but in a way that makes yoga accessible to anyone – and will incorporate elements of pranayama, meditation, philosophy and anatomy. I am particularly interested in how the obstacles and challenges we face in life represent themselves within our yoga practices and my classes will explore how the strength, balance and self-knowledge we can gain during our time on the mat might help sustain and support us in life off the mat.


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