Markela Manesis

San Rafael, CA
United States

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I began my yoga training in 1976, with mentor Carol Thompson (a student of Indra Devi), and often substituted for her in classes at Arizona State University and the rehab unit at a large local hospital. I have spent the past 30-plus years practicing holistic health care via my business, In Harmony Healing Arts, based in Marin County.

Along the way, I've studied with many teachers, with an emphasis on Iyengar style alignment, yoga therapy, and Somatic Training. My deep understanding of the body from the point of view of a bodyworker, lifelong dancer, artist, and meditation practitioner continually grows. I am a curious learner and was born to teach, so I am at my best when serving others in the art of self-care.

I offer Somatic Brain and Body Repatterning workshops to restore effortless natural posture for rejuvenation, and am "playing" toward certification as an Expressive Arts Therapist. I plan to be sharing this wisdom as a life-loving 90 year old some day!