Marlena Bruno

Danvers, MA
United States

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After struggling with a knee injury in 2002, Marlena discovered Bikram Yoga. She was under the impression that ALL yoga was about “flowers and… chanting,” but was quickly snapped back into reality after that first class. This type of yoga turned out to be “very challenging and satisfying,” which started her life changing journey.

Yoga is more than down dogs, balancing on one foot or stretching and twisting. It’s pushing myself both physically, and more importantly mentally, beyond my boundaries into a plain of deep awareness and empowerment in every way. Everyday on my mat is fun, challenging and enlightening.”

Marlena’s new found, & deep respect led to the practice of various yoga styles. During these years of exploration she discovered Power Vinyasa and PranaVayu Yoga. She suddenly realized the many physical, mental and spiritual benefits they offered, were the perfect fit for her!

Her want and need to share this deep love of practice with others drove her towards a greater goal. After 200 hours of teacher training in PranaVayu Yoga with its founder David Magone and master teacher Mary Ellen Carroll, she had finally achieved her goal. She is a registered and certified yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance

Her classes focus on strength, alignment, and breath. Working deeper into every pose with each breath while maintaining a sense of fun.


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