Marlene Henny

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Marlene Henny is one of Hollands leading Vinyasa Yoga Teachers for 17 years now and is a Certified and Experienced Yoga/Vinyasa (ERYT 500 H) and a Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and is the creator of the Summer Intensive Vinyasa Teacher Training in the Netherlands. A passionate yoga teacher and student for over a decade, with a background in dance, Marlene uses her knowledge of the mind-body connection, energy, and deep core dynamics and anatomy to help students tap into their full potential and to connect with a more empowered place. A dynamic and transformative yoga teacher who takes a no-nonsense approach to vinyasa flow to transform and uplift her student's practice, spirit and life to bring new and empowering ways to help them find a positive and stronger way of being themselves.
In addition to teaching yoga, leading 200 and 300 Hour teacher training, yoga retreats and working with individual clients for 14 years now, she -developed Core Flow Yoga in 2009 inspired by one of her dance teachers in the past and her vinyasa based self- practice.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Rocking it!!

Marlene is a very experienced teacher with a very distinguish style of yoga. It is hard work, but very relaxing after. You leave energized. Very down to earth she will also teach you about the important things in life. Do go & follow her classes, you won't regret!!

Marlene HennyDecember 9, 2015

how nice:-), thank you so much Anna

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awesome amazing teacher

Is one of my favourite teacher.
If you want a good flow yoga i recommend Marlene. I have learn alot when she was my personal teachter.

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Inspiring and Creative

Marlene's Yoga Classes are an absolutely wonderful experience. She brings me to a sublime connection of my body and breath by creatively opening the many dimensions of my being. She is my Inspiration!

Marlene HennyDecember 9, 2015

thank you lovely lady for your review

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Fantastic teacher!!

Marlene is a great teacher and a real inspiration to her students! She has a vast amount of knowledge and experience, and whether you are in her yoga class or teacher training, you can be sure she will give you 100% of her amazing talent and skills. Marlene will transform your yoga practice and I promise, you will have fun in the process!

Marlene HennyNovember 6, 2015

Thank you so much lovely Olesya, big hug for you

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Marlene Henny

I love classes with Marlene, I practice with her online as well as at a studio. She has obvious experience and knowledge so that her classes are safe and with great tips but also challenging, energetic and very creative. She always emphasizes the breath and the core which really works for me.

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Serious Yoga, Serious Fun!

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Outstanding Core Strength Vinyasa Teacher

I have practiced and attended Marlenes classes for several years and also received a Teacher Training and several workshops from her. Her way of connecting to the people in her class and making them work while creating bodily awareness is fantastic. She has been my favorite Yoga Teacher for years since she teaches how to apply ancient principles and exercise regimes into todays busy western world. Marlene has her unique own style and its fun and encouraging. I would recommend to everybody to attend a class if you have a chance.

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Love your style!