Marta Carrascal

Barcelona, 56
United States

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With a background in Psychology, Psychopharmacology and Gestalt Therapy, my journey with yoga started 8 years ago while I was in India working as a volunteer with children.

I studied Philosophy in the Sivananda Ashram, and something inside touched me so deep. I went back to Spain to further my studies in Psychology, and after three years I quit everything and moved to Barcelona to delve deeper into my yoga practice. I spent four years learning, teaching and running the Swásthya Yoga School in Barcelona.

A year and a half ago I decided to go away and dive into different styles of yoga, such as Rocket Yoga and Iyengar. In the last year, I decided to go to the source, Mother India, to continue my journey in Ashtanga, advaita vedanta, meditation and also finding my own style.

I am currently teaching Rocket Yoga at Orion Healing Center - Koh Phangan, some weekly workshops and my own creative flow style based on my experience at Swásthya Yoga School, in the line of Tantra Sámkhya.

My classes are fun, energetic, flowing, challenging, full of movements and body awareness.

You can follow me in my personal blog:

“It’s all about being here; allowing ourselves to be exactly as we are, curious about the present scene in the movie our lives.” - Jeff Foster.


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