Marta Magdalena Glowacka


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I had my first encounter with Yoga at the age of 16. Driven by curiosity, I attended my first Yoga class at the fitness studio. Struggling with psycho-somatic illness and sever back pains at the time, I got completely enchanted by the calmness of the practice and the chance to connect with oneself and face the problems that i was not even able to name before. It was a Iyengar Yoga Method as I learned after and i had been practicing it for the following 8 years.

In early 2008 one of my teachers convinced me to join a Led Class of Ashtanga Yoga. Even completely overwhelmed by the intensity of the practice, I decided not to give up, as something was telling me to continue.

In 2009 during my stay in Germany, I had a chance to attend my first Mysore Class of Ashtanga Yoga and to understand the real method of this practice.

After numerous trips to India and dozens of workshops I took, I decided to dedicate my practice (and my life) to Ashtanga Yoga which I have been consequently doing since 2011.

The most important lesson that Ashtanga gave me, is that there is nothing impossible, and that all the limitations and pains that we suffer, are born in our mind. I am very grateful for both being a student and a teacher of Yoga. I try to implement the rules of Yoga into my daily life and to pass on my students the knowledge and the inspiration that I owe to my great teachers, who are among others: Sharath Jois, Matthew Vollmer, Kino Macgregor and Tim Feldmann.


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