Marte Hollevik

United Kingdom

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My name is Marte, I come from Norway, and I have been practicing yoga since 2009. I spent my high school years at The Mahindra United World College in India, and in a highly international environment my journey began: Be the change you wish to see in the world. Since then I have restlessly looked for my place in this world. When I travelled to Italy in 2009 I found yoga through teacher and healer Martina Plein. I travelled to Vietnam and started sharing my understanding of yoga with others. In 2010 I completed Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Cily Shakti. In 2011 I completed Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with teacher and yogini Charlotte Meering. Since then I have taught yoga for The Awakening Society at The University of Essex, UK. I have also completed a bachelor degree in psychology at The University of Essex, had a daughter, and now I am studying Counselling and Psychotherapy with The Life-Force School of Counselling, UK.
I am currently in the process of establishing a team together with Irina Mavrochefalos (qualified in Hypnotherapy and The Bowen Technique, and student of Nutrition) and Alice Heaffey (qualified in classic massage) - keep checking for links to a holistic wellbeing initiative!

Through my own experience of confusion and despair I firmly state that self-care is essential. I dream of a kinder world, and I understand the struggles of being human. I want to see change, and I understand that change start with me. Change start with you. I teach yoga for you to have the tools to take care of yourself, and to reconnect with the state of being real in this world. Have a happy journey! Don’t hesitate to contact if you are interested in private lessons or if you wish to book me in for group sessions. The light in me sees the light in you: NAMASTE.

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