Marti Ewing

houston, TX
United States

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Yoga is preventative and I always encourage people to not wait until they have an issue to fix . Instead, start now in a consistent yoga practice that will support better choices in everything from what you choose to eat to how you hold your body. Yoga reduces stress and brings balance to mind and body, promoting wellness and healing.

As a certified yoga instructor, my focus is on alignment-based Ha-tha Yoga. My classes include a mix of Recuperative Yoga, strength building, meditation and breathing techniques. These four tenets build strength in an appropriate and sustainable way for my clients.

“Although I go to the gym regularly, I was still having balance issues that were getting worse, I was loosing my confidence, Marti’s classes have developed my core strength, improving my balance and leaving me feeling strong and confident.” -Shannon, 61

A native Houstonian, I am proud of my work with some of my hometown’s most respected institutions. When I am not teaching in my private studio, I can be found at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital where I am the first yoga practitioner in their Integrative Medicine Program. I provide guided meditation, breath work, and yoga techniques modified so that anyone can benefit regardless of their health.


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