Marti Haklik Yadid

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Name: Marta Haklik Yadid
Date of birth: 18.02.1978
Nationality: Hungarian
I speak english and hungarian.

Phone number: 054-351-11-24
philosophy: advaita vedanta
“Let what comes come.
Let what goes go.
Find out what remains.” ― Ramana Maharshi

For reviews go to my FB page (Present Yoga), or to the Present Yoga studio page on YogaTrail.

Fb page:https:

As you can see from my journey, I’ve focused my training on spine and women’s health. My aim is to give a good base in yoga to help people achieve a healthier, stronger body and a calm mind.
I started to do yoga because of health issues, around 2005. I started to teach in classes since 2010. I have held workshops for those who wanted to be more specific and get into their problems. I truly believe that if a woman practices yoga ( or anything in life) without listening to her cycle, it may cause hormonal and other health issues. I help women who suffer from painful menstruations, and fertility problems etc. I believe that if women get back to their true self, to the roots, the world will become a better place.
I’ve established „GERILLA JÓGA” in Hungary in 2011. I wanted to spread yoga in my country. Usually 50-200 people attend on one event, to do yoga together in the parks of Budapest. As I have moved to Israel, now this project has changed a little bit.

YouTube videos about my work in the Hungarian yoga life:

Pictures about the events I have made:
Around 112 within 4 ys.



Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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Every class with Marti is a journey to your soul, about your body, how to connect and harmonize them. Her classes help to know yourself more and more and fulfill in a higher quality of nature.

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deep knowledge, love and great dedication

I got to know Marti through the 'Gerilla Jóga' movement she started and that she poured her heart into. This was a fantastic opportunity for the people of Budapest to enjoy yoga, try different schools of yoga and connect to other people also interested in yoga for free - through classes offered by dedicated teachers and often held in public parks to the accompaniment of chirping birds :) - when Marti started this movement, this was one of a kind in Budapest and now there are several similar groups. Marti helped make yoga part of people's lives and to take it beyond the mat or the studio. I am sure Ra'anana won an amazing and dedicated yoga teacher and therapist in her.

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Role model

The best teacher who I ever had. Spiritual and experienced the best way - she always focused on us, and improved our spiritual life and body conscience.

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Marti is my first yoga teacher. I really like the way of her approach towards people. You feel her attention and besides the asanas you learn contact with yourself.the result of a class is innere peace.