Martin Taylor

United Kingdom

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I've always been active but like everyone my activities have evolved as I have aged. From rugby and athletics when I was young, a decade or more of practising T'ai Chi and Qi Gong, then discovering the joys of rock climbing in my thirties. It was only in my forties, after being diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, that I came to yoga.

Somehow the years of T’ai Chi and climbing, and the desire to improve my breathing all seemed to come together in Yoga. Now as I approach 50 I am still amazed at how much vitality I get from yoga practise. I love the playfulness, and how the simple things can be made challenging, and those things which at first seem beyond me slowly start to feel attainable.

My teaching is primarily Vinyasa Yoga. Yoga can help to achieve greater mobility, strength and fitness but, along with the physical changes, my aim is to encourage awareness of breath and posture and a sense of improved wellbeing and vitality.

Nothing rushed; everything comes eventually, with practice.


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