Martine Shandles

Brooklyn, NY
United States

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I’m a Brooklyn-based yoga instructor, Pilates mat teacher, personal trainer, daily transcendental meditator, and a happy vegetarian! Yet more than all that I enjoy connecting to, inspiring, and uplifting people through my teachings.

Over 15 years ago on the continuing path of self discovery, I was blessed to be introduced to yoga and to have had the opportunity to study numerous styles under the guidance of many inspiring men and women including Ashtanga (with Eddie Stern), Bikram, ISHTA, and Vinyasa. The culmination of these teachings has led to the understanding and respect for the critical importance of the proper breath, focused meditation, body awareness, and the mysterious qualities of the mind body connection.

Intending to align with a teacher and a practice that was all encompassing, led me to practice and become certified under the venerable Sri. Dharma Mittra.

I bring an intuitiveness, an attentive eye for adjustments, and a contagious laugh to all of my classes and sessions. Although, each practice is personalized and fluid, the essential characteristics of my practice consist of breathing exercises, endurance building asanas, relaxation, and meditation.

But that’s not all…….

The adventurer in me loves trying new things, visiting new places, and learning from you, and you, and you :O)

In my free time I obsess over the latest and most awesome vegetarian recipe blogs.

I enjoy living as close to a holistic and organic lifestyle as possible.

I am a Pisces and love being near, on, or in the ocean!

I have the most fun making people smile and laughing of course is my favorite! (I hope you smiled!) ;)

“Looking forward to the possible.”


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