Mary Byerly

Costa Rica
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Mary Byerly has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and has been teaching for 13 years. She is a Yoga Alliance 500 hour registered teacher, having studied with Lilah Schwartz, Everett Newell, and Katherine Girling. Mary has continued her education through workshops with her main teachers and others, along with classes from instructors of various styles.
Mary’s teaching is firmly grounded in the classical traditions of hatha yoga; her approach – honed over thirteen years of leading small classes and workshops to a wide variety of practitioners – incorporates a thorough knowledge of anatomy with a deep intuition about what can best serve each student at any given moment. Emphasizing alignment and strength, she also encourages her students to breathe deeply and to connect with their inner teacher, to open up to the wisdom and peace of the heart. Her ultimate goal is always to guide her students, regardless of age or ability, towards the freedom and truth within.
Mary’s classes include asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Whether helping a new student begin to learn the poses or guiding a long time practitioner find a deeper level, Mary’s expertise is in designing classes that work for everyone. She blends her style based on the students that are there, working with everything from basic alignment to lines of energy. Once you take a class with Mary, you will discover why she has been called “an angel of body and breath”.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Always something relevant to take home

I have just returned from my second visit to Panacea de la Montana. The experience level in our group ranged from beginner to fairly experienced. Mary has a knack for addressing this mixed class in a manner that is relevant for all. Her understanding of physical anatomy gave me some specific adjustments to make which have already improved my home practice. We were also treated to a yoga nidra class, something that many in our group had not experienced. I find that each visit to Panacea gives me some learning to take back home and I am already very much looking forward to my next visit with Mary.

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Powerful Yoga Teacher

I had a wonderful stay at Panacea de la Montana in Tamarindo, Costa Rica from March 3-11. I had the privilege of taking yoga classes with Mary on a daily basis. Mary is a skilled yoga instructor and makes each yoga class a special experience. She does an excellent job of combining the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga. I enjoyed her kind, gentle, and calming personality. She took the time to demonstrate new poses and make helpful adjustments to improve my posture and alignment.


I greatly appreciate Mary's emphasis on developing a home yoga and meditation practice. She showed me simple yoga poses and sequences, as well as breathing and meditation practices, I could do at home. I highly recommend Mary's yoga classes for anyone who is looking to strengthen their yoga practice and get more in tune with their mind, body, and soul.

Thank you, Mary, for helping to make my time at Panacea such an amazing experience!

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The Perfect Teacher

I had not done regular yoga in about 4 years before coming to Mary's classes at Panacea de la Montana. I thought I was going to be incredible challenged and stressed about my lack of experience, but it was quite the contrary! I felt comfortable and I wasn't immediately confronted with headstands and half-moons and crazy 10-minute forward bends.

Not only did Mary help me adjust my back and shoulders during my practice, she let me know what poses would be most beneficial for my lifestyle. She left me with a lot of tools I can take home and a list of teachers I can find on YouTube. Her meditations were wonderful (I secretly wished I had recorded some) and her classes were the perfect mix of activity and spiritual practice.

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A Gentle, Gifted Teacher

Mary meets you where you're and can teach all levels from beginners to long-time yogis and everything in between. She makes you feel at ease in her classes and constantly emphasizes listening to your own body. I appreciate the pace of her classes, every movement and pose is done with intention and she helps you build up to poses when you're ready. She's very knowledgeable about the body and has modifications for injuries too. Over the course of a month with Mary my yoga practice grew leaps and bounds both physically and spiritually.

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An experienced teacher who will take you deeper

I have returned again and again to Mary's extraordinary classes at Panacea de la Montana in Costa Rica. Although I had been practicing yoga for many years before encountering Mary for the first time in 2008, her personal attention and relaxed yet focused approach brought me to new levels, both spiritually and physically. At home, I use her excellent CDs to guide me back into the deep practice I have experienced with her in person. It has also been my privilege and pleasure to see her grow over the years as a teacher who works with a wide range of people at all levels of practice. The best!

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A Truely Dedicated Yoga Instructor on ALL Levels.......

Mary has been my yoga teacher since 2003 when I first went to Panacea de la Montana. I personally found Yoga to be quite challenging at first but then Mary took me under her wing and worked with me and I can say now I understand more fully the benefits of Yoga. I know I need this dicipline in my life to handle the stresses of owning several businesses.


I always said I wish she lived closer to me until we figured out that I could video a personal 1 hour session tailored to my level of ability so I could do Yoga at my house at any time. This is a fabulous opportunity for those of us that don't feel like going to classes at set times with a lot of experienced attendees. So if any of you reading this review can get away and have Mary as a Yoga teacher for just 1,2,3 or 7 days I can't recommend her enough!!!!!!!!!