Mary Coleman

Columbus, OH
United States
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I believe that there is a yoga practice for anyone who wants one. I teach strongly from the foundation and fundamentals of the practice with an attention to anatomical alignment. I believe that everyone has a magnificent light to shine into the world and it is my mission to help my clients shine their light! Using inspiration, compassion, love laughter and play, I help my clients tap into their inner light.

In addition to teaching public classes, I am a member of the faculty and the Assistant Director of Yoga Teacher Training with Laurel Hodory & Faculty in Columbus, Ohio.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

9 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Living Truth

There are some people that based on how and what they say you know they have asked the hard questions within themselves. There is a truth to Mary's voice and class that hold such authenticity and spirituality. You find yourself connecting to her inner spirit which gives you the space to open up within yourself. With teaching geared in safety and respect for the body she encourages a nurturing practice where the body is appreciated and heard.

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Mary Coleman: Super support on and off the mat

Mary Coleman is an amazing yoga instructor. She creates a safe, nurturing environment for students of all levels. Rest assured, your poses will be properly aligned under her careful observation, and with that alignment, Mary can provide hands on assists to move you deeper into the posture. Mary (and her classes) are fun and good for the soul! I highly recommend any offering Mary Coleman.

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I love Mary!

Mary is patient, kind, flexible and creative. She is the total package of helping you get somewhere mentally and physically that you really need. She is intuitive to the individual and classes's needs. She never forgets a name and always makes you feel missed when you can't be there and welcome when you can.

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Yogini Mary Coleman

I worked with Mary, a member of the teacher-training faculty, during my 2013 yoga teacher training. Mary was always a pleasure to work with. She brightened up the room with her beautiful smile and warm, approachable nature. As a yoga teacher Mary really understands the needs of each student as an individual. Her knowledge of yoga comes from a place of deep dedication and love of the practice, as well as her sincere desire to help each student be the best they can be. -M.F.

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Inspiring, playful, and a true mentor

I found Mary over six months ago, and my life has been changed ever since. Willing to teach to one or twenty students, Mary embraces each practice with an energetic enthusiasm. She has an incredible insight into what each student needs for a given day and tailors each practice accordingly. Mary has made small adjustments to my poses that have transformed me. She is a wonderful instructor, mentor and friend.

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Insight and encouragement

Mary's classes are balanced, never rushed, and provide a core of stillness for students to benefit from. She's always answered every question I've asked with a great explanation, and even articles and book titles to continue the discussion.

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A wonderful yoga teacher

Mary is one of the teachers responsible for my being in Yoga Teacher Training. Her patience and steady, loving pressure made me want to deepen my practice. She is a natural teacher whose commitment to her students is deep and personal. Her goal is for her students to be strong physically and spiritually.

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Mary is Fantastic!

I am so pleased to have the privilege of writing this. Mary is a great yoga teacher for many reasons. She has lots of yoga knowledge of course, but stands out because of her warmth, genuine investment in her students' success, humor, humility, anatomical knowlegde, nutrition and wellness expertise, and reverence for the spiritual. Mary helped me heal a very painful back injury through yoga and is infinitely encouraging in all my endeavors.

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The best.

I have had a fits and spurts yoga practice for 20 years. It was not until I took a class with Mary that I truly understood why yoga is essential to integrated wellness. Under Mary's tutelage, I began a regular yoga practice and attempted more complex and strenuous poses. Even after years of martial arts and capoiera, I felt like I did not understand how to properly do yoga. Mary fixed that.


She personally guides each practitioner to experience more while working within his or her own physical limitations. Two months after breaking my leg this year, I was able to rejoin Mary's class. It is Mary's skill, compassion and genuine love of health and wellness that inspires a deep and loyal following from her students and fellow yoga instructors.

I hope that all yoga practitioners get a chance to have an instructor like Mary. It is truly life changing.