Mary Vandecar

Mason, MI
United States

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South Carolina native and have been practicing yoga since I was 19 years old. After graduating college and getting married down south, I moved to Michigan with my husband. It was in Michigan that I discovered I wanted to become a yoga teacher to help spread the love of yoga. Deepening my yoga practice and also taking my first steps towards teaching in the winter of 2014 I became a 200 HR certified yoga instructor. I teach at three different locations: Hilltop Yoga, Oak Park YMCA and Spartan Fit Center. My passion for yoga is communicable and my playful personality makes for a challenging class. I think my character is the technique for a truly stimulating class. And as an avid music lover, I also love to share my eclectic playlists.

I share my enthusiasm for life, yoga & music daily on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. I am dedicated to giving back to my community. I founded "Namaste Y’all Yoga”, an organization dedicated to breaking people out of their shells in hopes that everyone on the planet will pick up the practice of yoga.

Namaste y'all <3


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