Mary Wagstaff

Portland, OR
United States

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Yoga and fitness to me are about continuing to hold play as crucial to my survival and also remembering our deep connection with the Goddess Mother below,  above and within. 
I love listening and dancing  to music with my family and live at shows, playing the ukulele and singing prayers.  Hip-hop is an evolution that moves me.  Trees that tower over me deep in the woods make me calm, I love to be among them.  The ocean reminds me how small we are and to not take anything too seriously.  I love taking moon baths.  Bring me a flower and I'll be your friend for life.  Add a taco to that and see what happens.   Self care for self love and so I can give effortlessly to those I cherish is what it's really all about.  I love a good kitty walk and coffee with foamed milk.  I eat eggs almost everyday.  I am currently learning how to remodel houses with my sweet heart and discovering what kind of witch I am. There's never enough time to read.  I work to create through divinity and love in everything I do. 
I am practitioner and teacher of yoga for over 15 years.  I instruct from the heart with a hatha flow style guided through Kripalu traditions.  I am fascinated with Kandalini Yoga and am currently studying that form deeper.  I like to get into posture flows that move organically and non-linear.  Movement of all kinds is part of our embodied experience and stepping onto the alter of your mat gives you the platform to explore is so many ways.  I love that yoga is an ever evolving science and I am along for the ride.  Let's move from the heart and everything that follows will be just fine.