Marya Guessous

San Diego, CA
United States

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I started training yoga first as a surfer, on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. I was blessed enough to receive the teachings of one of the most respected yoga teachers in Australia, learning from her the philosophy underlining the yoga practice, how yoga is first and foremost what I will call here a spiritual practice of the body, and the Ayurveda that is the complementary science of yoga.

I then met aerial yoga,malls known as anti gravity yoga, and although at first skeptical, after my first class I was addicted! This type of yoga is so powerful, and is like nothing else. Whatever your ailment, it will help you heal and is particularly adapted for physical injuries or periods of mental distress or depression.

I love teaching yoga. My teacher beautifully titled her yoga 'purna' yoga, which would mean 'complete'.

I cannot imagine teaching yoga without teaching also the philosophy that is inherent to its practice and the classes always end up with a very brief and guided meditation practice, which takes your yoga knowledge and expertise to a whole new level.


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