Maryam Madantji


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For me yoga started in Maastricht, at the ashtanga based yoga studio called YogaPlace. On a hot summer day in 2011 I had a taste of ashtanga yoga at the outdoor yoga session during the students' introduction week and signed up for regular student yoga classes the next week. I immediately fell in love with ashtanga yoga and never stopped practicing ever since. I am amazed by the holistic approach of ashtanga which integrates the body, mind, and spirit into one, teaching consciousness in the way we move, breath, and think. The orderliness of the series allows me to let go of the mind and helps me to just be in the moment. I love how I sometimes can almost reach a meditative state while practicing. I realised that integrating yoga into my daily life was an incredible way to cope with stress and negative events. But most importantly, the practice of yoga changed my perception about myself; it taught me to respect my limitations, to let go of my ego and to be kind to my body. Acknowledging and accepting my mental and physical state each day and letting go of the desire to reach perfection was a crucial lesson for life. The ancient philosophy and practice of yoga now has become a passion and I’m trying to integrate it into my daily activities. I sincerely believe that yoga can change lives in a powerful way.
In March 2015 I finally made my dream come true when I travelled to India to study the philosophy and practice of ashtanga yoga and vinyasa flow in Goa. Continuing this path by improving my own practice and supporting others to learn the powerful lessons of yoga is my greatest wish.
I returned to Maastricht and felt truely blessed to have the opportunity to teach at the place where it all started, at YogaPlace. My classes are based on the primary series of ashtanga and I try to modify the sessions so as to adapt to the levels of the students. I find it important to give everyone the chance to go their own ways and to experience yoga individually. After all, yoga is a very personal journey.


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