MaryAnn Reynolds

Austin, TX
United States

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I teach yoga to beginners, one or two at a time, in the privacy of your (or my) home. You need a mat, and I bring all other props. If you're looking for one-on-one instruction (perhaps with a family member or friend), my way of teaching is to start with where you are now and build from there. How far we go together depends on what your goals are.

It takes a couple of years of regular practice for your body to really assimilate yoga. Then, you don't DO yoga, you ARE yoga.

I've been doing yoga since 1982. After a car accident in 1996, I ramped it up with lots of Iyengar classes to build strength and alignment. I've also done a good amount of hatha flow and vinyasa, as well as taken some Anusara classes.

I'm also a licensed massage therapist with a practice in downtown Austin.


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