Maryanne Torok

Sydney NSW

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I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance 2OO hours), teaching ashtanga vinyasa, yin yoga and a mixture of yin + yang in London.

I love to give people the tools of yoga to create space; a space for movement and physical awareness to flow and for peace, stillness and happiness to expand amongst life's ebbs and flows.

My ashtanga classes are welcome to beginning levels and they focus on moving safely and dynamically through poses, including hands on adjustments.

My yin classes aim to bring about introspection, mindfulness and a little more softness to the body and mind. I love to incorporate a physical them - working on opening areas of the body through specific poses. Through yin yoga we can also wrap in a focus on the body's meridians to stimulate + draw energy to specific organs through the poses.

My Yin + Yang classes are a balancing blend of both ashtanga-based vinyasa and yin yoga. The first half involves the dynamic, strengthening, cell-moving flow, before we slow ourselves down to connect deeper within and soften our body + mind through yin yoga.

I found yoga in my teenage years, then again in my early 20s, 6 years ago. During my first professional career in advertising, I discovered the Ashtanga Mysore Style Self-Practice that brought me clarity, positivity, ease and peace while working in a busy stressful job that I wasn't enjoying. Through learning Ashtanga as my own, independent self-practice, I was drawn to strengthening my discipline and commitment to yoga, ultimately to myself. I started yoga as a physical practice, but after I established my daily practice, it shifted into another dimension of self-connectedness, a real sense of inner-peace, self-love and spirituality. And of course the physical benefits continued to increase and increase, as my health strengthened and my ability to move in my own body reached new heights.


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