Maryna Blazhyyevska


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I started practicing yoga in 2010 in a search for more meaningful existence. Since then yoga became my loyal friend and companion. Yoga offered me the gifts of self-knowledge, peace of mind and joy, a way to connect with myself and a tool to navigate in the daily turbulence of life.
Before discovering Sampoorna Yoga, I practiced Vinyasa Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga and was lucky to meet many inspiring teachers and wonderful people on her way. I attended a number of transformational yoga retreats; one very special for me was Bhakti Yoga with lots of daily kirtan and satsang in the sacred area of Vrindavan, India. To enrich my practice, and be surrounded by like-minded people, I followed a vinyasa yoga teacher training in Antwerp from September 2013 till June 2014.
When I discovered Sampoorna yoga, this style became central in my own practice. I wanted to go deeper into it and went to study with Shri Yogi Hari in his ashram in Florida, where I became a certified Sampoorna Yoga Teacher in April 2015. After that I felt inspired to start teaching and spreading the gift of Sampoorna yoga to other people.


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