Mascha Kuchejda

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Hi! I'm Mascha. My life has brought me to Yoga twelve years ago. It has changed my life so profoundly, made it so much fuller, richer and honest in so many ways, that I have decided to give back what yoga gave me, and teach these thousands of years old teachings known as "Yoga" to others. "Yoga" means union. It means that we as humans are one: body and spirit, thoughts and the factual, shiva and shakti. And that we BELONG. We belong into this world and we belong with others. "We are the eyes through which creation perceives itself" - as Don Miguel Ruiz described it in his book The Four Agreements. And this is what I want to teach my students: Being awake, being present, in oder to see the beauty of the world! I have been teaching since 8 years now in Milan, India and California - now I am based in Germany. I teach Yoga retreats in Ibiza and Morocco.
Apart from the anatomical focus and correct alignment in the asanas,
becoming more mindful is what is important to me in my teaching. I teach Yoga to communicate awareness and love, instead of fear. Mindfulness and thorough self-study, instead of rushing through life.
My teaching styles reach from Vinyasa Flow to Hatha, Low Flow, Yin/ Meridian and Restorative Yoga. I am
happy to lead workshops both on condition based yoga, teach specific target-groups such as businesses or athletes and teach on philosophical and spiritual topics.
Yoga Classes or private lessons for BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE and
ADVANCED students can be taught either in ENGLISH, GERMAN or FRENCH.
I am looking forward to meeting you.

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  • Yin Yoga Restore and Renew Mascha Kuchejda @ Peaceyoga Berlin
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