Masha Leuner

Brookline, MA
United States

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I first tried yoga in 2005, when I was planning my destination wedding, and was feeling stressed. It was an entirely different experience to spend an hour on the mat, performing unfamiliar and challenging poses. Years later, my practice of yoga became illuminating. It revealed deeper aspects of myself, and began to shift my belief system. In a sense, it started to purify my identity, bringing me closer to what is true.

I believe that over time, yoga awakens and strengthens our innate ability for self healing. My classes begin with a deep awareness of breath, incorporate alignment and dynamic flow, and end with sensation filled stretches. I suggest students drop into the gap between their daily lives and their practice goals. The space of unexplored possibility, curiosity and wonder.

I hold a in Economics from Brandeis University, and from NYU Stern School of Business. I was a career driven marketer in New York City area for years. At some point, the fast pace and accompanying stress started to impact my health, so I let it all go. Now I do what I love, spend time with my kids, and even notice leaves changing color in the fall. Which is amazing!


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