Masha Penson

Wyckoff, NJ
United States
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Masha Penson (Sri Deepa Jothi Ma) is founder of US Siddha Center. NYU graduated psychotherapist, she has been trained in the ancient Siddha tradition for more than 25 years, through her Masters, to utilize programs developed for healing and ultimately transformation of the human body, mind and spirit. She is traveling all over the world with retreats and classes, introducing people to secrets of Siddha medicine and spiritual techniques. She runs weekly ongoing classes in Manhattan, NY and NJ.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Masha Penson is a light in the dark

Every moment I learn from Masha I make another step of progress on my journey of self realization. To say that Masha is a light in the dark is an understatement. Mashas connection to divine is so pure and loving it has helped illuminate the darkest parts of my soul and helped me to look at myself in the mirror in an honest and transformative way. Masha has helped me unveil myself to my highest self and since I started learning from her my life has become a positive expression of love. Without Masha I would be lost and looking for god in the clouds rather than in my own heart.

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Teacher with Grace

My journey to spiritual world have started with a search of people, who could lead me on a right path. After reading so many books , I new I need to transform myself to better and happy me. But I new, I needed help and after meeting with so many teachers, luckily enough, I have been connected to Masha (Sri Deepa Jothi Ma)and through her to 18 Siddhar tradition.


She is the Teacher with Grace, she constantly gives and serves, I am honored to call her my Teacher and so grateful for her love, dedication, patience and the purest intentions in her heart.
I am blessed and honored , my life is fully transformed, because of the Grace of my Teacher Masha Penson ( Sri Deepa Jothi Ma ) and Siddha's and I were witnessing tremendous change in many people. It is such a joy to see people in joy and happiness! Thank you dear Masha for your unconditional love, your tremendous work and dedication to help mankind, and bringing all of us from suffering to bliss! Thank you for teaching and leading me on every step to my transformation with your tender heart and open arms, what would I do without you!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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Powerful Siddha Medicine Practitioner & Teacher who Delivers

Masha Penson is one of the most powerful, loving, dedicated and humble Siddha Medicine practitioners in the world. She has changed the lives of thousands of students, including me, by teaching them techniques and methods that quickly heal the body and mind, thus transforming the individual quickly so that they can live in peace, happiness and with purpose.


Masha teaches classes in the United States, in all the former USSR republics, in India and in Malaysia. In fact, Masha has successful brought Siddha Medicine to 2 continents and she continuously and tirelessly works to spread Siddha Medicine to other areas where healing, peace, love and light are needed.

I strongly urge each person to receive the free distant energy healings that Masha sends out twice a week on a regular basis. They're fabulous!

Also, go on U.S. Siddha Science website and see the array of classes, events and workshops that are currently offered in New Jersey, Manhattan and Sloatsburg, NY. Follow your heart and sign up for the class, therapy or healing that speaks to you. You can't go wrong with any of them.

I have taken many classes over the last 4 years and I can honestly say that all are powerful. One just must be diligent and do the practices on a daily basis to have the best and long lasting results.

My favorite class is NCRP. It removes all traumas from the cellular body. Within days, traumas are for ever dissolved from the body; a person comes into their true alignment and lives and express themselves beautifully. I also love Turiya Meditation and Inner Beauty. Inner Power is another giant that transforms a being into a spiritual warrior.

Siddha Medicine is like water. It's quenches the thirst of those who want to be the best and to be of service.

Last but not least, I want to mention that on September 13, 2013, I was in a serious car accident during which I sustained extensive injuries in my neck and back. I could hardly move and I experienced pain every moment. When I told Masha about it, Masha said for me to come over to her Wyckoff Center and that she was going to treat me for free for as long as I needed to heal. She did! Every day when I couldn't take my pain, I'd text Masha and I'd ask her if I could come for a healing and her answer was always "Yes!" So, this tells you a lot about Masha's character and her love and dedication for her students.

Masha is an amazing being and teacher. She constantly gives and serves. I'm honored to call her my teacher, friend and family member.

Bring Masha into your life and watch the shift magically happen. In a year, your life will be transformed. Siddha Medicine works and Masha's got the midas touch to give you the secret teachings!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I had 2 sessions with Masha, for Aura Detox. Both sessions worked very deeply to move and purge. I can say this confidently, because I had sensations of energetic movement and a past life memory emerge from the experience. All gone now and very gently, I may add. The only thing holding me back from booking another session is my limited free time. Masha has been both a Healer and my Teacher. I recommend her above all other teachers - for being very powerful but at the same time very energetically gentle. <3