Matt Gill

United Kingdom

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Partly driven by a lingering childhood desire to be a Jedi Knight / Spiderman hybrid, I was initially drawn to yoga by the physicality of the practice. However, I quickly found that yoga brought greater balance and awareness into my life - my mind felt clearer and more focussed and before long yoga and meditation had become integral parts of my daily life. I feel very lucky to now be in a position to help other people discover the benefits and joys of yoga practice for themselves.

Having developed my own practice primarily within the Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow schools of yoga, I teach a flowing style of yoga that is guided by the relationship between breath and movement and that takes inspiration from many sources, including those outside of yoga such as Mindfulness, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. By combining flowing sequences with fun, playful elements and introspective enquiry, my classes encourage students to connect with their bodies and cultivate a greater awareness of their present moment experience.


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