Matt Nadler

Seattle, WA
United States

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As a student Matt delved into the world of yoga in the 1970’s. His original teacher training was in the Viniyoga lineage. Since then he expanded his range by being certified and taking numerous workshops with many master yoga teachers from a variety of yoga lineages. Matt became a Yoga Tune Up® certified teacher in 2013 and now incorporates some of those principles into every class. He is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.

Recognizing that everyone's body is different, Matt teaches an eclectic style of yoga that takes into consideration each student’s physical abilities and limitations.

His lifetime professions of pharmacy, personal fitness training, health education, a poison information specialist (Mr. YUK) with the Washington Poison Center and gerontology were all stepping stones towards being a yoga teacher. After completing these careers, he decided to devote his life to teaching yoga.

In April 2011 Matt had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery. Not only has he recovered rapidly and completely, but his entire view of life has been altered. “I believe that this was a dramatic way to let me know that my heart wasn't as open to giving and receiving love as much as I thought it was. Every day, every moment, every opportunity I have to be alive is precious!”

"The work that I do on and off the mat is ongoing; a continual practice that is always evolving, always transforming, and always bringing me into a deeper place and understanding of myself and my students.”


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