Matt Rivers

Tarifa Cádiz

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For me life is about relaxing into the present and uncovering the full potential of each moment that we are being given. There is great benefit to be had in embracing our emotions, thoughts, strengths and weaknesses.

Yoga is not something to be taught but a state of unity waiting to be uncovered. Thus I teach relaxation, gentleness and presence through various mediums including asana, meditation, writing, reiki, qigong and pranayama.

I have found it beneficial to accept myself on all levels and embrace my darkness as much as my light. It has led me to a greater understanding of myself and I hope to inspire people to uncover the depth and potential of themselves too.

I travel the world teaching and playing. I have worked in a variety retreats and resorts. I take my music with me, writing songs and playing gigs. I also write stories and love meeting fellow soul adventurers and exploring consciousness. Life is unlimited and amazing. I think we are truly living in amazing times and are on the cusp of a revolution of consciousness like no other seen before.

In the last few years I have had the pleasure of visiting and working in Cambodia, Thailand, India, Cyprus, Vietnam, Greece and Spain.

At present I am living in Tarifa.


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