Matthew Moncreaff

Worcester, MA
United States

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I started my study and practice of Yoga at age 15 when it was recommended to me by a friend. I was already a very dedicated martial artist and Yoga helped me to increase range of motion and flexibility and restore my body after rigorous martial arts training sessions. For the next 10 years I competed extensively in martial arts tournaments and opened my own martial arts school. Yoga continued to be a part of my personal training. In my thirties after a surgery I increased my Yoga practice dramatically in order to rebuild core strength and flexibility I had lost. Yoga not only helped me with those goals but something changed and it became a major focus in my life. I began extensive training in Ashtanga, Acroyoga and Aerial Yoga. Now as a certified Yoga teacher I am as passionate as a person can be about Yoga. It is an essential part of my life and I love sharing it and teaching it to others.


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