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Having completed a 900hr, 3 mths, 24/7 TTC at the Yoga institute, Santa Cruz, Mumbai, India and a 200 hr Ashtanga vinyasa flow TTC with Samyak Yoga, Kerala, Kovalem, India I combine various Yoga styles (Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin) in order to bring Yoga closer to my students and enhance their hopefully daily practice.

First and foremost I try to transmit the message of Ahimsa (non violence) in my lessons as well as the near impossible task of the first Yoga Sutra,1.2, the cessation of all fluctuation of the mind (chitta vritta nirodadh)
The most important aspect in class is though to be yourself and have fun.
I can only show the way, the students have to walk it themselves.

I have been practicing Yoga for the last ten years and teaching it professionally for the last 5 years.

Apart from our daily classes we organize yoga retreats with a bit of a difference, again with the emphasis on the guests wellbeing.

You will find detailed info on the various retreats on

Why don't you check me out on my Facebook site: Yoga*Body&Mind



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