Maureen Maclise

Portland, OR
United States
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I founded Portland Therapeutic Yoga in order that anyone who has experienced pain in any form could come back to moving in an environment created especially designed to embrace our physical differences. This means smaller classes where modified poses are offered to accommodate each individual body in its current state by teachers educated in Gentle and Therapeutic Yoga. With this type of practice the mind has time to catch up, be involved in the process of living on and off the mat. A friendship between mind and body is formed - supportive, intuitive to needs, and resilient.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Maureen brought my practice back to life

After 20 years of on and off yoga practice, I had begun practicing a fun but non-alignment oriented flow style. While I loved the "feeling" of working it out, stretching, and growing in strength, my body wasn't feeling quite right. Joints were clicking, my low back was hurting, and gradually my practice began to diminish.


That's when I found Maureen. I enrolled at the teacher training course at Portland Therapeutic Yoga thinking I would learn to help others experience yoga therapeutically. Little did I know that's that what I would be experiencing myself.

Yoga with Maureen at PTY is a deeply transformative experience. With the focus and softness of a stream of water flowing continually over rock, gently shaping it, Maureen guides you to your inner world, knowledge of your body, and fidelity to your spirit.

Beginning to advanced. Yoga newbie to expert. Maureen has something to offer your practice. I can't say enough!