Mauricio Eberlein

Mona Vale NSW

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Mauricio is a free spirit, a passionate surfer and devoted yogi. He emigrated to Australia from Chile in 1985 and started his journey with Yoga in 1995, his classes are flowing, dynamic and elegantly sequenced to bring a glow to your cheeks and a smile to your spirit as he coaches you to find new ways to develop inner strength and resolve. Expect a soft workout to challenge you and keep you –and your body- vital and happy. If you’re lucky he’ll even chant at the end of your practice… Your smile will be as wide as the ocean as you leave feeling alive, relaxed and centred!
Mauricio’s intention is to bring awareness and integrity to the mind, emotion, body and spirit connection.
He graduated from the prestigious Qi Hatha Yoga Diploma in 2005
Throughout his teaching journey he has taken ongoing professional development and workshops with senior teaches such as Eileen Hall, Mark Robberds, Matthew Sweeney, Debra Grant, Swami Yogakanti, Mark O’brien and many others, he has learnt a wide range of skills such as yoga philosophy, ethics and life style, anatomy & physiology, Yoga physiology, Techniques of yoga, Pranayama & Meditation, Bhakti Yoga, Teaching methodology, Integrative practice and teaching and specialized yoga therapy. His continued commitment to the practice of Yoga and continued effort to enhancing his knowledge towards a safe, holistic and integral approach to yoga helps students to explore all aspects of their life making easy, fun and safe.
Mauricio teaches full-time in Sydney as he continues his studies in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with the legendary Eileen Hall.


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