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Maxine Geary is an experienced & qualified yoga teacher of over 15 years who has a clear, precise, fun & friendly approach to teaching, with a keen emphasis on encouraging students to work strongly to their own level of ability, develop awareness & stay present & connected with the body & breath during class participation.

From her early passion & continued enjoyment of physical exercise, outdoor pursuits, sport & many years of teaching as a qualified Fitness Instructor, Maxine discovered the path of Iyengar Yoga over 15 years ago & found the special focus on developing strength, stamina, endurance & correct body alignment, in addition to flexibility & relaxation a great benefit to her own physical & emotional well being.

In addition, the practice of meditation & encompassing the whole yogic philosophy & the wisdom of the Tao into daily life contributes to Maxine’s own spiritual development & conscious awareness as she continues on her path with an open heart & gratitude.

Maxine is qualified in Karuna Yoga which is Iyengar inspired & has a strong emphasis on anatomical detail, precision, alignment & awareness in the performance of posture (asana) & breath control (pranayama).

The practice places special focus on cultivating strength, stability, & suppleness whether that be holding the postures static for a period of time or engaging in a playful flow session where the postures are sequenced together.

Sessions vary from week to week and a theme is often present to direct focus & attention, allowing for a good understanding of each posture. Yoga props are often used to modify or allow postures to be more accessible & also to build strength & experience in a pose. Meditation & relaxation are also included as part of the package to allow space from the tension of modern day living.

Sessions are fun, strong & dynamic & suitable for everyone, from complete beginner to the more experienced yoga practitioner. All participants are encouraged to work to their own level of ability & develop a deeper understanding & connection to their own personal self on a physical, mental & emotional level.

Maxine continues to progress & develop her own asana practice & unique creative style by having an active involvement & interest in the many different & varied styles of yoga & is strongly influenced by Iyengar, Somatic, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga.

Maxine runs weekly classes, one to one private sessions, workshops, retreats & teaches alongside other established yoga teachers both in the UK & abroad.

Maxine is a Holistic Personal Wellness Coach & Movement Specialist assisting in emotional & spiritual wellness, personal development, yoga & functional, corrective movement & mobility.

Individual, tailored-made programmes are available to help clients maximise their true potential & lead more manageable healthier peaceful lives.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

9 Reviews

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