Maya (Lianne Bamford)

Arboleas Almería
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I qualified as a yoga teacher with the Divine life Society, (Almeria branch) under the guidance of my yoga teacher Sharon Fisher and the British School of Yoga in January 2010.

I teach traditional Hatha yoga based on the method of Swami Sivananda.

I'm a Reiki Master/Teacher in the traditional Mikao Usui teachings and an Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher in the original system from Kevin Core and the Archangel Metatron.

Are you wanting to get fit, increase or gain more flexibility, improve muscle strength & tone and meet new people in a friendly peaceful environment?
Are you looking to incorporate a little peace and relaxation into your lives?

Then SOL Yoga Centre is the place for you.

Whether you are a beginner or have practiced yoga before, at this class you will be able to enjoy 1 1/2 hours of traditional yoga.

Hatha yoga seeks to promote health and well-being through physical exercise. The regular practice of postures (asanas), and breathing exercises (pranayama), makes the body strong, supple and healthy. It has a profound effect on the circulation and on the functioning of the inner organs, glands and nerves, keeping all systems in radiant health and leading to greater energy, better concentration, and a happier, more fulfilling life. Many common physical ailments can also be improved through the regular practice of yoga, and it is never too late or too early in life to take it up. Yoga is not attached to any religion and can be practiced by anyone.

SOL Yoga & Holistic Therapy Centre ॐ


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

37 Reviews

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